About us

Have you noticed that places that stock, serve and support the craft and cider beer industry seem to have that X Factor?  The way they design the place, the meals they serve, the drinks that are poured, even the bar staff have that something special glint in their eye.  What sets them apart from other venues?  Well, we have been to a lot of venues and we believe it is all about Quality, Community and Experience.
Quality – a passion for the craft, respect for quality and a desire to create and serve beverages that are not only of the highest quality but also push the boundaries of the status quo.


Community – Craft is about community. It's about getting together with friends, family, and colleagues to share good times at quality and unique venues.


Experience - It's all about the experience. Trying new beers, visiting a different venue in a new place. Doing things in a different way that stays with you long after the last sip.


We wanted ways to be able to experience more from the best places around town. We wanted a way to find amazing venues serving amazing and different beers and ciders. We also wanted a way to experience all of this for less.


Craftedeals was born.


Born out of a love for all things craft Craftedeals showcases all that is glorious about the industry and what’s more you can experience it all for less. Starting in South Australia, Craftedeals has brought together South Australia’s best craft breweries, pubs, venues, eateries and more in one place, all offering unique deals, inviting you to experience what they have to offer.


Offering unique deals, inviting you to experience what they have to offer.


Like we have, we invite you to experience more of what is out there using Craftedeals as your road map of discovery.


Craftedeals is brought to you by two guys who love good times and have an appreciation for good beer and food.


Contact us at any time info@craftedeals.com.au and share any of your experiences, we would love to hear from you. #Craftedeals











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