Raise money for your club

 A fun way for your club, group or organisation to raise cash.

Are you part of a sporting club, recreational group or a unique organisation that needs to raise funds?  Craftedeals has a fun way to help that benefits your members and supports your group.
As people that have been a part of sporting clubs over the years, we are well aware of the challenges that can exist to ensure there are enough funds to comfortably cover requirements like new sporting equipment, basic upgrades around the clubrooms or facility or one of the many associated costs that come in.

Support local and independent businesses and at the same time raise funds for your club.

Craftedeals is offering the opportunity for your club to earn money each time a member of your organisation purchases a Craftedeals Hero Deal Membership.   Simple, Yes!  Fine print?  No. How does it work?  Please read on..



How, what and when.

For every Craftedeals membership a member of your organisation buys for $40 we will donate $20 back to the club.  At $20 a pop, it won't take long for you to build funds for those extras around the place that often get put on hold.

A Craftedeals membership can be simply purchased through our website www,craftedeals.com.au or through our Apple and Android Apps.   Members of your organisation will be able to access deals from Adelaide's best craft breweries, tasting rooms, pubs, bottle shops and bars.  There are even discounts on brewery tours which could be perfect for those group tours. We currently have around 55 deals worth around $1200!

Most people enjoy a beer at the club so why not turn this into some benefit for your club while at the same time the member gains access to deals on craft beer all around Adelaide and South Australia.

To have your club, group or organisation be involved please contact Dan or Udo at info@craftedeals.com.au .  We will be able to get you set up in no time so your club can start earning!


A taste of some of the breweries that are involved.  Don't forget the pubs, bars, bottle shops and more also!!


Take me to the Craftedeals website








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